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We have found 7 suppliers of business services (including Accountants & Local Authority) in Redditch and have listed them below split into the type of service that they provide.

If you know of any more suppliers of business related services in Redditch that you can recommend please contact us and we will look at adding them to this page.

Please note that none of the firms listed on this page have paid for an entry. We have found them either by our own searching or by the recommendation of other people.

Redditch Local Authority

Redditch Borough Council
Website and contact details for Redditch Borough Council local authority.

Accountants based in Redditch

Hayward Wright Ltd
Hayward Wright pride themselves on providing both traditional accountancy along with a wide range of value-added services. We have a strong presence in Redditch, Bromsgrove, Stratford, Worcester and the wider Midlands

Brotherton & Co
Brotherton accountants have many clients in Bromsgrove and surrounding areas of Bromsgrove. We offer Accountant services to anyone in Bromsgrove.

Dale Harris & Co
Dale-Harris & Co - Redditch Accountancy, Bookkeeping, Payroll, self-assessments and tax returns for businesses in Redditch, West Midlands, UK

Derek Young & Co
Derek Young & Co, Chartered Accountants, Redditch UK

Rudge & Co.
Based at Greenlands Business Centre, Redditch, we have traded as accountants for over forty five years and have considerable knowledge and experience of general practice.

Wall Art

Wall Art in Redditch
Wall art suitable for interior design and office receptions, available online and shipped to Redditch. Printed to order on canvas, acrylic and other surfaces with 30 day guarantee.

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About Redditch

Redditch is a town, and local government district, in north-east Worcestershire, England, approximately 15 miles (24 km) south of Birmingham. The district has a population of 85,000 as of 2019. In the 19th century, it became the international centre for the needle and fishing tackle industry. At one point, 90% of the world's needles were manufactured in the town and its neighbourhoods. In the 1960s, it became a model for modern new town planning.

The first recorded mention of Redditch (Red-Ditch, thought to be a reference to the red clay of the nearby River Arrow) is in 1348, the year of the outbreak of the Black Death. During the Middle Ages, it became a centre of needle-making and later prominent industries were fish-hooks, fishing tackle, motorcycles and springs, the last of which was notably undertaken by Herbert Terry and Sons. Redditch was designated a new town on 10 April 1964, and the population increased dramatically[when?] from 32,000 to around 77,000. Housing developments such as Church Hill, Matchborough, Winyates, Lodge Park, and Woodrow were created to accommodate a large overspill from the industrially expanding Birmingham. Redditch was built as a "flagship" town using new methods and new town planning: all the main roads (mostly new dual carriageways as well as a ring road for the town centre) were banked to reduce noise to the new housing estates, and the whole of Redditch was landscaped.

The above introduction to Redditch uses material from the Wikipedia article 'Redditch' and is used under licence.

The map below shows a scrollable map of Redditch and the surrounding area (depending on the location you are looking for).

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